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2021 Sailing School Season

This year our full summer classes will run from 6/14-8/5.  Camp Sail-Away will be 6/28, 6/29, 6/30, and 7/1.


An Opti (Optimist or Pram) is sailed by a single sailor between the ages of 5 and 16.  This approximately 8-foot boat has a single sail and was designed with beginners in mind.  We offer classes for all levels of Opti sailor.  Sailors will learn the parts of the boat, how to rig the boat, sailing basics, and eventually how to sail a race course.  Our more experienced sailors enjoy traveling to Opti regattas across Wisconsin and the Midwest!  But racing is just a small piece of summer sailing, so don't be deterred if racing doesn't appeal to you.

NLSS has several optis available for summer rental.  Renting a boat is a great choice for the new sailor.

Some children outgrow optis as they get older and approach 120 lbs.,  but not to worry, those children should consider starting or continuing their sailing career in an X boat.

X Boats

An X boat is a 16-foot sailboat sailed by a skipper and a crew.  This class is for the 11 - 16 year old sailor who is interested in learning to sail a two person boat.  Prior sailing experience is not necessary, as sailors will learn the basics of boat handling.  Once a comfort level is achieved, sailors will be introduced to racing. 

A limited number of X boats are available to rent on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are interested in renting a boat, or you are interested in X boats, but don’t have a partner to sail with, please contact us at  We often have skippers looking for crew.

X Boat sailors interested in racing beyond class time are invited to join the North Lake Yacht Club as junior members and participate in Wednesday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning X Boat races.   Email if you'd like more information.

Camp Sail-Away

Not available for a full summer of sailing but still want to try it out?  Our Camp Sail-Away might be the place for you!  This summer camp will run 6/28, 6/29, 6/30, and 7/1 from 9 am-2 pm. New and experienced sailors are all welcome.  Camp classes will be customized to reflect the abilities of campers.  Camp is geared toward sailor between the ages of 7 and 16.

Opti Camp and X Boat Camp are both offered and rental boats are available.  Not sure whether your camper would be better in an Opti or an X?  Email us at and we'll help you decide. 

Adult Learn to Sail

Don't let the kids have all the fun! Have you always wanted to learn to sail?  Now's your chance.

We will be offering adult lessons in collaboration with the YMCA during the week of June 19-25, daytime and evening sessions available.