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Adults Learn to Sail

Don't let the kids have all the fun! Have you always wanted to learn to sail?  Now's your chance.

Adult Sailing Lessons will be offered in collaboration with the YMCA during the week of June 19-25.  (We're offering it the same week as our Y Opti Camp for kids.)

The benefit of having it during YMCA camp week is that it provides an ideal opportunity for parents to "drop off" their kids for the Y-camp (9am-12pm), then stay and sail themselves from 9-11am on two of the four days (the third hour they can change gear, socialize, and watch their kids sail). 

For adults that work during the day, we will also offer the two 2-hr on-water sessions in the evening that same week.

Attend the first 2-hour ground/dockside session at one of two different times:
Saturday, June 19, from 9-11am
OR Sunday, June 20, from 6-8pm 

When registering sign up for two 2-hr on-water sessions between June 21-25:

M,W 9-11am  Session A
T,R 9-11am     Session B
M,W 6-8pm    Session C
T,R 6-8pm       Session D

Friday reserved as a "rain date" if a class is cancelled one day.

Contact Charles Luebke

NLSS, Board President

Phone: 414-801-7264

Session 1:

Introductions, Course Goals
Instructors background
What makes a sailboat go? (and how to stop)
Terminology and boat parts
Hull, Keel designs, Steerage, Rudders
Rigging – standing, running
Sails – parts, design
Wind – true, apparent, points of sail, luffing
Knots you need to know (and do)
Lifejackets and other essentials

Weather – to sail or not to sail, and what to bring?
Capsizing – what to do
How to Rig a sailboat (including stepping a mast and launching)

Getting underway
Tacking, Jibing, luffing
Crewing, Skippering
Unrigging/proper storage

Session 2:

Review and Q&A of session 1 topics

Sail trim, boat balance
Points of sail: reaches, upwind, downwind
More tacking, jibing

Session 3:

Basic Right-of-Way Rules
Simple race rules, courses, and start sequence

Rounding Buoys
More sailing and a Practice Race or two!