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Q. We don't live on North Lake.  Can we still join the sailing school?
A.  Absolutely!  Many of our sailors don't live on the lake.  We strive to provide sailing opportunities to all families.

Q. Do we have to be members of North Lake Yacht Club to participate in the sailing school?
A.  No.   Opti sailors do not need to belong to the Yacht Club.  Sometimes teenage sailors want to participate in weekend X boat races, and they would need a junior membership for those, but they don't need any yacht club membership for sailing school.

Q. We have our own opti or X boat.  Can we store them at the sailing school?
A.  We have many racks for storing school optis AND personal optis.  Personal optis are welcome to remain at the yacht club throughout the summer, but we ask that they are removed by Labor Day. 

For personally owned X boats, slips and lifts are available for rent.  Please contact Charles Luebke for details.

Q. What gear will my sailor need for Sailing School?
A.  Each sailor must bring the following to class each day:
- Life jacket to be worn and zipped shore to shore
- Whistle attached to life jacket used only for distress calls
- Swim wear and/or clothes that can go in the lake.  (Sailors will get wet most days.)
- Shoes are strongly advised to be worn at all times (Bare feet are easily cut on the sharp zebra mussels)
- Sailing watch is optional (totally unnecessary until racing competitively), but no other jewelry can be worn
- Clothes should be easy to move in
- Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and/or visors are not required but are encouraged
- Water bottle that can go out in their boat (optional, but a good idea)
- Towel and dry clothes to change into (not necessary, but nice to have)

Q. What do I do if my sailor needs to miss class?
A.  Please use the large calendar in the garage to mark dates that sailors will be missing class.  That way instructors don't hold back the entire class waiting for a sailor that's not coming.  

Q. Does NLSS provide snacks?
A.  As we get closer to the sailing season we will send out a Sign Up Genius asking for snacks for certain sailing classes.  Please sign up according to the directions.  It's a fun way for the younger sailors to end their class.  Thank you!

Q. I've noticed a lot of parents setting up Optis.  What's that about?
A. Opti sailors will learn how to set up their own boats as they progress through the NLSS program, but the littler kids aren't strong enough to lift the boats.  Opti parents are encouraged to help remove rental optis from the storage rack at the beginning of class and return them to the rack at the end.  Instructors will teach you what to do.  You might get a little dirty and occasionally wet, so no fancy clothes when you're able to help.  (We all understand that there are certain days when you have someplace to be or you're dressed for work, but please consider staying the extra 10 minutes when you can.  It's a great way to meet other parents and the faster setup and take down is, the more time your child will have on the water.)
- Sailors who own their own optis should have them rigged and ready at the start of class time.
- X boaters will receive an additional email detailing plans for the first class as the day approaches.

Q. My child  has expressed an interest in racing or regattas.  Now what?
A.  If/when your child expresses an interest in racing a boat, please reach out to the instructor.  We have many opportunities on North Lake and other local lakes for sailors that are interested, but it is completely optional.

Q. What is Pram Power?  Why should I put it on my calendar?
A.  Pram Power is our annual fundraiser.  This year it will be on Thursday 8/1/24, and we need every sailing school family to help.  Please mark your calendar.  This fundraiser brings in money to cover our insurance and keep class costs down, but only with your help!  We will reach out with more specifics in early July.

Q. Who can I talk to with questions?  Can I email?  Is there a live person to talk to?
A. You are welcome to email us at with any questions you might have.  If you'd prefer to speak with a live person, just email us and one of our sailing school coordinators will give you a call.  We want this to be a comfortable experience for sailors AND parents so please let us know if there's anything we can do.